Apartment Cleaning

Apartment Cleaning - clean apartment after maid service

True Green Maids offers apartment cleaning services in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding suburbs.

It is wonderful to have the finest apartment with beautiful decór such that everything represents your aesthetics, but what if all these beautified rooms are in a mess due to dirt, dust and spots? If this happens to you, it is not your fault. You probably just don’t have the mountain of spare time required each month to do the cleaning, scrubbing and washing your home needs. But we sure do!

Here at True Green Maids, apartment cleaning not only means cleaning the floors and removing the dust particles from the decorative pieces. It also means going the extra mile with services such as dishwashing, sink cleaning and refrigerator cleaning. Our cleaning will handle all your cleaning needs, and perform each task perfectly.

You may want to know the specific apartment cleaning services we provide. Apart from general cleaning and kitchens, we have trained staff for janitorial services like cleaning bath tubs, bath tiles, floors and grout. Our aim is that our every work is flawless so you can feel a refreshing and shining touch to your house when you return home. True Green Maids provides apartment cleaning services for all types of rental properties – from single apartments to entire complexes. If you work all day, and you want to have any social life, then you should consider hiring an apartment cleaning service. Even if you prefer to do those cleaning jobs all by yourself, we at True Green Maids encourage you to take a break and enjoy life with your friends and family – they are an important part of your life.

Apartment Cleaning Breakdown

  1. Bathroom
    An apartment bathroom can gather a lot of dirt and grime throughout a year. In fact, mold, mildew, and water spots are very common problems. Nevertheless, our team has seen it all. We know exactly how to find and eliminate these problem areas and make your bathroom spotless. The simple transformation of a truly clean bathroom will amaze you. We will scrub every last inch – from the toilet bowl to the shower grout – and your bathroom will shine with glory!
  2. Kitchen
    Small spaces which often lack storage can make apartment kitchens especially difficult to keep clean. Let us handle it! Our team will dust, vacuum, scrub, sweep, and polish every nook and cranny of your kitchen. With the help of professional cleaning tools, we will thoroughly clean the hardest-to-reach areas – gaps next to the refrigerator, under the oven, and behind the cabinets. Our cleaning experts will make your apartment kitchen look like it’s right out of a magazine!
  3. Bedroom
    Bedroom cleaning can be often overlooked by those who do not have a trained eye. Our apartment cleaning professionals will deep clean your carpets to make sure no stains are left. If your bedroom has hardwood flooring, we will clean the wood with great care. Then we will clean, wipe, dust and sanitize all walls, closets, and baseboards. Before we’re finished, we will remove all dust and hidden garbage to leave the entire room spotless. Once we have completed the job, it will feel like a brand new space!
  4. Living Areas
    The main room of your apartment is often the place where you spend the most time. Without regular care, mess can start to build up. Our apartment cleaners will remove all stains and grime that has piled up over time, while our deep cleaning carpet experts will leave carpets fresh and bright. Lastly, we will clean all walls, dust problem areas, and remove all dirt from the room. Let True Green Maids help make your apartment living room like new!

A Cleaner Life

Ready for better cleaning? Our apartment cleaning service will stick to all your specific needs and that’s why we can guarantee you 100% satisfaction. Above all, your comfort is our priority, and we’ll do everything to meet your expectations!  When you come home, you’ll be amazed by the healthy, fresh and clean atmosphere of your home waiting for you!

True Green Maids specializes in helping people with busy lives maintain fresh, well-kept households. We’re a locally owned and operated company offering our neighbors a personal touch, and we exclusively hire trustworthy, conscientious employees. We can provide you with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly home cleanings. Furthermore, our maids will arrive with the tools, cleaning materials, and skills required to vanquish dirt, stains and odors. We offer reliable cleaning that revolves around your schedule and personal preferences.