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Twin Cities Truly Green Expert Cleaning Service & Maid Service:  All About Green Cleaning

Did you know that the “Go Green” movement could also be used towards cleaning your home? Making “green” changes in your home can decrease your carbon footprint. True Green Maids offers green cleaning, which uses eco-friendly organic cleaning products. Using these products will make your home a noncontributory agent to ozone layer depletion and aquatic toxicity or air pollution. Your home is your sanctuary, so why not keep it green?

Why should you switch to organic cleaning products?

  • Chemicals in non-green cleaning products have been found to have side effects, to affect the environment, and to leave your body vulnerable to other hazardous toxins.
  • Fumes exiting the buildings contribute to air pollution.
  • Children are more vulnerable to allergies from chemicals in non-green cleaning products.
  • You should be more knowledgeable about new eco-friendly organic cleaning products.

What is our green cleaning approach?

  • Using biodegradable or less aggressive cleaning products.
  • Using cleaning products in the right proportions to reduce the release of toxic substances into the environment is the right thing to do.
  • Using bulk packages instead of individual packages to reduce the amount of waste saves money as well as the environment.

True Green Maids offer a variety of specialty cleaning services, including organic cleaning services. We’ve been green cleaning Minneapolis and St. Paul businesses and offices for a while and we understand that each client has individual needs and we are committed to meeting the expectations of all of them.

Organic cleaning services are available to those in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area who want a spotless home or office without the possible hazardous chemicals and side effects that may come from commercial cleaners. At True Green Maids, we understand how important going green is, and we are committed to limiting our impact on the environment through the use of organic cleaning products.

There are several benefits to making the switch from traditional office cleaners to organic cleaning products. First and foremost are the side effects of chemical cleaners; there are many unknowns when it comes to the manufacturing and production of chemical cleaners, which may cause side effects and damage the environment. For example, chemical fumes and aerosol sprays contribute to air pollution and will decrease the air quality within your home or office.

It is also important to consider those that may be exposed to the harsh chemicals used in commercial cleaners; children are more susceptible to allergies related to chemical cleaners and if ingested, they may be harmful to pets that live in the home. Using organic cleaning services and solutions is a great way to make your home or office more environmentally friendly. Less harsh and biodegradable cleaning products make it possible to have both a clean and green home and office.

To provide our clients, their customers, and their employees with the most effective natural, green cleaning services possible, TGM offers specially selected organic cleaners. It is the combination of these natural cleaning products in the right proportion that sets our organic cleaning services apart from the rest. Give us a call today to enlist our organic cleaning services and not only will you get a clean home or business, but a clean conscience as well. We also offer organic carpet cleaning services.

You have many different choices when choosing an apartment cleaning service; however, finding home and apartment cleaning services in the Twin Cities that are dedicated to going organic may be difficult. Organic cleaning is a specialty subset of green cleaning that takes the process one step further by rethinking the products that are being offered and used in your home. We are proud to offer our clientele alternatives to traditional, chemically manufactured products.

To do our part and be more eco-friendly, TGM purchases our products in bulk or concentrate to reduce the need for increased packaging. This also allows us to portion out the right amount of cleaner, reducing waste and the overuse of cleansers. We believe that we each have a responsibility to our clients, our community and our environment to use organic products and green cleaning. Twin Cities’ residents in the metro area are always welcome to contact us and inquire about our organic and green cleaning services.

Green cleaning is one step towards a greener and more eco-friendly lifestyle. Make the commitment today to go green with the help of TGM.

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